My stuff which is not on my GitHub profile. You can also send me some email.

my blogs

my homepages (2015 - 2023)

my computer related stuff

HowTo stuff (2021 - today)
Debian Installation 4.0r3 (netinst) (2008, german)
Battlecom hinter dem Netgear RT311/314 (2002, german)
DynDNS mit dem Netgear RT311 (2001, german)

my wargaming stuff

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - cRPG Mod (2020 - today)
Review of "First Battle of Britain, S&T 255" (2009, german)
Points System for the Panzer Grenadier game system (2007, english)

my recipes

Gerald's Kueche (2018 - today)
Wan-Tan (2008, german)